3 phrases ‘taboo’ when raising boys

Many people want their son to grow up to be a strong person and become a pillar, so they have taught their children with 3 untrue statements.

Because of the desire for their son to become a strong man, many parents accidentally say things that hurt their children. Artwork: Expert Life.

"Don't cry, only girls cry."

Nature gave birth to two strong men - weak, of course the son is likened to the image of "heaven and earth", strong. From a young age, a boy must be trained to be strong, courageous, and able to become a real man in the future. This can cause many parents to utter the above statement when the boy "intends to shed tears".

However, in reality, a boy or a girl, crying is a very normal reaction, very natural, is the rejection of negative emotions. A baby crying does not mean he is shy or weak, but simply a way of letting go of his or her emotions.

Do not compare the child "like a girl", causing the baby to form the thought that he is weak, weak, gradually losing his inherent confidence, which is the child's personality and psychological defect.

"Men must be talented and rich"

The mindset of men making money to build houses, accumulating wealth, and women staying at home doing housework is now obsolete, with men and women on equal terms and equal incomes. However, many families still reserve the thought that men must be talented and rich to be true men. Financial strength is certainly strength, but that is not all.

Teach your children that a son must be good when he grows up, and make a lot of money, he or she will form deviant thoughts, value for money, appreciate people by value for money, thereby fearing the rich. , hate the poor. This mentality is very dangerous, because it transforms people, using money as a measure of everything.

Instead of teaching children to be good at making money, they should aim to educate their personality, teach their children a modern way of life, use their natural advantages to share work with everyone, especially the women. women around, first of all the mother, then the partner.

"Don't be like your dad"

Son takes his father as a model from which to develop himself. Certainly not every father is the ideal role model for children, but when frustrated, many mothers / grandmothers will not be able to resist saying "Don't be like your father". This sentence will accidentally have a great impact on the child's psychology, because the father is considered a stereotypical image of the baby when he is a child. In addition, this sentence affects the child's emotions, making the baby's father and son's love chipped, the father image in the baby's eyes is also partially cracked.

It is best that parents are contradictory, should not let their children be "dragged" into that war.

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