5 dishes to help detox in the new year

The foods rich in fiber, protein with simple recipes help the body to recharge with fresh energy. 

Healthy Everyday points out 5 nutritious dishes that have the effect of cleansing the body:

- People often choose juice for body cleansing. However, taking a smoothie with all fiber will be more beneficial for the body. A banana smoothie with a hint of peanut butter is a great way to start a new year with lots of energy and healthy eating.


Banana smoothie with peanut butter. Photo: HE

- Instead of using many French fries in New Year's meals, you can replace with fried cauliflower with a little olive oil. This dish is delicious, with fewer calories.

- A salad meal provides plenty of energy, protein and has a lot of fiber. Salad with carrots, chickpeas, bell peppers, lettuce is both delicious and nutritious. Getting plenty of fiber with each meal is a natural way of clearing your digestive system.


Photo: Pinterest.

Whole wheat bread with fresh butter is a nutritious breakfast dish that only takes 2 minutes to prepare. A dish that provides a lot of protein, not fried, or greasy is an easy-to-make breakfast dish.

- A bowl of warm soup containing fruits such as carrots, potatoes, radishes, baby corn, cooked cauliflower, spicy is a great choice.

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