7 foods, the more you eat, the better

The secret to increasing longevity is not only to exercise, but also to add the following foods to the daily menu.

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Carrots: Reduce the concentration of mercury in the body

Carrots are a highly detoxifying plant that, after combining with mercury particles in the human body, can reduce the concentration of mercury in the blood, speed up the excretion of mercury from the body. . The nutritional ingredients such as vitamin B and vitamin C in carrots also have a softening effect on the skin and anti-aging. Carrots also reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in women.

Seaweed: reduce cholesterol, excrete radioactive substances

Seaweed has the effect of removing toxins, preventing the body from absorbing metals such as lead, cadmium, etc., removing radioactive elements in the body, and also treating arteriosclerosis, stimulating The pituitary gland, which reduces female hormones in the female body, causes the reproductive organs to recover normally, eliminates the underlying disease of the mammary glands.

Shiitake mushrooms: increase the ability to detoxify the body, reduce cholesterol

Modern medicine believes that shiitake mushrooms contain a lot of starch, which can increase the body's immunity and detoxification, increase the body's resistance to cancer. In addition, shiitake mushrooms can also lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, are beneficial for the heart, liver ...

Pumpkin: eliminates heavy metals and pesticides in the human body

Pumpkin is very beneficial in the prevention of high blood pressure, gallstones, diabetes and some liver and kidney diseases, helping patients with poor liver and kidney function increase the ability to regenerate cells. Pumpkin contains trace elements necessary for the synthesis of insulin. Pumpkin also works to destroy carcinogens and oxidants.

Spinach: detoxification, cooling stomach, intestines

Spinach has the effect of detoxifying, cooling the stomach, intestines, treating constipation, making the spirit comfortable, and the face is radiant. Spinach contains insulin-like substances, which can balance and stabilize blood sugar. With its high vitamin content, consuming spinach can help prevent a number of diseases caused by vitamin deficiency such as cold sores, night blindness.

Wood ear: blood detoxification

Black fungus has the effect of dissolving indigestible substances such as cereal shell, acne wood, sand, metal fragments ... in addition, it also works to dissolve gallstones, kidney stones. Wood ear can also reduce blood clots, help prevent clogged arteries.

Cauliflower: cleans the blood vessels

Cauliflower is one of the most homogeneous plants, can prevent infection, in addition can clean blood vessels effectively, can prevent cholesterol oxidation, prevent blood clots, reduce risk of heart disease and stroke. Eating a lot of cauliflower can increase the ability to detoxify the liver, prevent colds and bad blood. Long-term use may also reduce the risk of breast cancer, rectal cancer and stomach cancer.

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