9 great uses of broccoli and how to cook food

Broccoli also known as broccoli is considered a super nutritious food that can prevent 10 diseases.

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According to nutrition experts, there are few foods that can compare to broccoli because this flower is rich in iron, protein, calcium, chromium, carbohydrates, vitamin A and vitamin C. In addition, broccoli is also rich. Contains hundreds of other beneficial micronutrients.

Broccoli is easy to prepare and is very beneficial for the health of the user.

Prevent cancer

Food and nutrition studies show that broccoli helps prevent cancer by containing sulforaphane, which stimulates the production of anti-cancer enzymes. Enzymes are responsible for removing carcinogens from the can. These foods will help you cut your risk of diseases like lung cancer, cancer of the breast or colon and stomach in half.

Good for bones

The abundance of potassium and calcium in broccoli is said to be good for bones. Nutritionists recommend that women, especially postpartum women and the elderly, should regularly consume broccoli. Just stir-fry or boil, eat about a small plate each day can help strengthen bones.

Beneficial for the brain: The amount of vitamin K in broccoli is very beneficial for enhancing your cognitive function and memory. The natural vitamin K in this food protects brain cells from the effects of free radicals while improving nerve endurance. In addition, the choline in broccoli also promotes the development of healthy brain cells and strengthens nerve connections.

Protect eyes

Beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin A are micronutrients that reduce the risk of cataracts, helping premature babies to form retina. Mothers can puree broccoli and feed them with water. Particularly people with retinopathy can cook broccoli soup to use every day.

Broccoli is very beneficial for children during puberty.

Good for people with blood pressure

This dish is recommended by doctors to patients regularly because the sulforaphane in broccoli enhances DNA methylation, which promotes cell function, which is very beneficial for blood pressure balance. In addition, the amount of magnesium, potassium and calcium in broccoli also helps regulate blood pressure.

Very beneficial for the heart

Medical research shows that many chemicals in broccoli help strengthen the body's resistance mechanism to prevent the arteries from clogging, reducing the risk of heart attack in general. Many experts also believe that eating broccoli regularly even repair the damage of heart blood vessels.

Helps to strengthen hair

Vitamins A, C, and B6 in broccoli can nourish your hair healthy and smooth. Micronutrients in broccoli including calcium will stimulate the production of natural sebum to moisturize hair, making hair follicles healthier.

Beneficial for the skin

The antioxidants and vitamin C in this flower contribute to the destruction of free radicals and slow down the aging process. Wrinkles, age spots on the skin can also be reduced thanks to the synthetic vitamin E, B and beta carotene in broccoli.

Support weight loss

This is considered an effective weight loss supplement because it contains very few calories and fat. Cauliflower eaters feel full for a long time, and broccoli also contains water, fiber and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and manganese that are beneficial for weight loss.

Immune booster

Just 70 grams of broccoli per day is enough for a person to increase immunity. Broccoli contains a large amount of beta carotene, zinc and selenium, which are substances that can form a barrier against some common diseases.

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