Baby calls to protect animals through brushstrokes

Through the pictures submitted to the contest "The whole family draw dreams", many children called for joining hands to protect animals, so that they can live healthy in the wild.

Children wish for the forest to always have the sound of birds chirping, all the animals living with the fresh nature, freely running and jumping. Childhood dreams are shared by children through the pictures sent to the "Dreaming of the whole family" contest organized by and Bibica Joint Stock Company (taking place until September 6).

In order for her dream to come true, she hopes that everyone will together protect the cute animals and plant many trees for the lush forest. Through their children's imagination, the children also think of ways to create joy for all animals such as not locking them in cages, releasing elephants, deer, lions ... with nature.

You can share your dream of protecting the forest and many other dreams in life through pictures, pictures, videos, stories here.

Below are some pictures of preschool and primary children showing their love for animals and nature.

Minh Khue (8 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) loves green forests and cute animal friends in cartoons. Children wish that the animal friends always live in the colorful forests and comfortably enjoy the fresh air. She hopes everyone to protect wild animals.

The forest has many green trees, all kinds of birds live in harmony and love each other is the dream of Minh Chau (9 years old, HCMC). From above, the sun wearing sunglasses looked down and smiled with a happy face. Children hope that you will join hands to protect and protect "green lung".

One time watching the program on Discovery Channel, Bao Ngoc (9 years old) liked the pandas, but she heard that if the climate change and the environment is polluted, the pandas will become extinct. Bao Ngoc feels very sad and always wishes this adorable panda be preserved. She hopes you will have forests to live in, spring water to drink, and delicious food in the forest.

Van Nhu (8 years old, Dong Nai) loves to watch Doraemon cartoons. She wished to have a time machine like you cat machine to go back to prehistoric times to see firsthand the gentle and cute herbivorous dinosaurs.

Ngoc Han (7 years old) imagines that people will watch animals from afar with the solar bus mounted in the air so as not to make them scared.

Duc Lam loves wild animals because they are strong and protect the green forest. She also loves the sea and dreams of becoming an artist to draw many pictures of the sea, the green forest, the beautiful homeland.

Little Gia Han (6.5 years old) loves wild animals. With babies, elephants also have love and smiles. I dream animals are protected with all my heart. Everyone lives in harmony with nature.

When looking at elephants, lions, peacocks ... little Quynh Trang (8 years old, HCMC) loves them. When he gave the bunch of sugar cane to the elephant, he was very happy and waved the hose. But she found that some other elephants on the other hand were very sad, especially the old ones, they seemed to be very homesick. Here, people are crowded with watching, giving food, but they are still not happy. She hopes that all animals on earth can live freely in nature and be healthy.

Through the drawing submitted to the competition, Bao Nguyen dreams of the barren hills no longer arid. Everyone planted a lot of trees on the hills, people lived in harmony with nature, animals.

Baby Thuy Linh (9 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) wishes everyone to join hands to plant trees, protect wild birds and animals, and clean up the surrounding environment. Beautiful actions help plants grow green, give flowers, sweet fruits and even the chirping of birds.

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