Benefits of running at night

Eating on time and being healthy, sleeping more deeply, not taking much warm-up time ... are all benefits of jogging at night.

Some people have a hobby of running at night due to their dense daytime schedules, eating habits, or a preference for going out and breathing air at the end of the day. Nighttime running may not be as effective as dawn training, but it still has some practical benefits. The Healthline page points out a few useful points from nighttime running habits:

Get motivated to eat healthy

Nighttime running can help you eat healthily throughout the day because anything you eat, especially before a run, needs to be digested. If you find it easier to run when you are hungry, you can look to snacks, avoiding the greasy fried foods.

In addition, running at night also makes you not want to drink alcohol at dinner. Instead, consuming a nutritious, healthy drink like coconut water, herbal tea or fresh juice is the right choice before exercising.

There is more time to digest food

People who run in the morning or at lunch break have less time to digest their food. Meanwhile, running at night allows you to have many hours of dinner, waiting to drain the energy from food to run in a steady state, not too full or too hungry. This is ideal for people who often experience sagging hips, bloating or having difficulty moving after a meal.

Photo: Giang Huy

Night jogging helps runner easily digest the amount of food loaded throughout the day. Photo: Giang Huy .

Facilitating increase in the number of kilometers running

For morning runners, missing an alarm and waking up late reduces the amount of training. Even, you are so tempted to sleep that you skip the day of exercise. In this case, running at night is the best choice, helping you not to rush early in the morning and at the same time less interrupting your exercise plan. At that time, the runner is no longer distracted, just focusing on the goal of running, thus increasing the running distance than expected.

Sleep better

Health experts have published research showing that exercising at night has a positive effect on sleep. A hot bath after running can also help you relax, sleep deeper. However, runners should also note, vigorous exercise for less than an hour before going back to sleep can reverse biological hours, negatively affect sleep. Therefore, to be effective, the runner needs to spend time cooling down and put the body in a resting state, should not run too close to bedtime.

Relieve stress during the day

After a busy day of studying, working, going out for a jog, and breathing the air on a quiet path can reduce stress. This is also the time to plan for the next day, that way your mind will be clearer and more peaceful.

Experts also said that running lowers blood pressure, frees muscles, promotes feelings of calm, improves mood to alleviate depression. Walking on the sidewalk is also a way to keep a calm, relaxed mind, reduce anxiety and deeper awareness of yourself.

Do not run too close to bedtime.  Photo: Stocksy.

Do not run too close to bedtime. Photo: Stocksy .

It doesn't take long to boot up

If you have an inflexible musculoskeletal system that often feels stiff when you wake up, night running is ideal. At the end of the day, the runner body is warmed up and ready to work, reducing the likelihood of being injured or overtraining. In addition, the ability to control and coordinate muscles at night is also better than when you wake up, especially you do not take too much time to warm up before running.

Although running at night has many health benefits, it is important to be more aware of safety when running in the dark, it is important to be aware of the situations that arise involved, to prepare equipment, mentality and precautions to not endanger yourself.

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