Chives cure many diseases

Chives leaves are a spice and remedy for cough and stomach pain caused by cold. Chives seeds treat incontinence, sharp roots treat pinworms.

Doctor Bui Dac Sang, Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam Oriental Medicine Association, said chives are also known as tenuu, compressing the boat, cuttings (Thai), double (Tay). Chives scientific name is Allium odorum, belonging to the Hanh family Liliaceae. Plants get their leaves for use as vegetables and spices. Flowers are also edible. The leaves, stems and seeds are all used as medicine. In 86 g of chives contains 1.9 g protid, 5.1 g glucide and 25 calories.

In Oriental medicine, chives are spicy, slightly sour, warm, sweet seeds, ventilating effect in the lungs, lowering fullness of the abdomen, regulating viscera, and curing stomach pain caused by cold.

Eat chives, healthy kidney, strong, healthy back pillow. Boiled chives sauteed with vinegar, salt, eat early in the morning, and treat heartburn when hungry Chives seeds cure dreaming, urinary incontinence.

People with cold cough, use a handful of chives leaves, chopped and distilled with rock sugar to eat. To cure diarrhea and cold stomach, take a handful of chives leaves, half a handful of white onions, a handful of rice cooked with two cups of water, then add a little tangerine peel, pepper, ginger and salt, eat on an empty stomach. Use sharp chives to treat acute asthma attacks.

Crush 100 g of chives, squeeze the juice of Dong Dong (small child's urine) to drink to treat menstrual women without menstruation, blood stasis or injury, blood urination, nosebleeds.

People have seizures, vomit green water after giving birth, crush chives leaves, squeeze the juice mixed with ginger juice every day. Or, crush chives, squeeze the juice to drink to treat lower stomach pain or food poisoning.

Chives can also cure vitiligo in women and prostatitis in men.

In addition, chives have essential therapeutic effects on tuberculosis. The remedy includes 16 g of chives seeds, 24 g of raspberry seeds, 6 g of rabbits, 24 g of rabbits, 6 g of amethysts, 16 g of amethysts, 16 g of amygdala, 24 g of goji berries, 6 g of five, 6 g, 24 g of prostitute, 48 g of nostalgia, 48 g of field. Sac a ladder per day, divided into 3 times, drink 5 consecutive days, rest for 3 days, then repeat two more courses.

Chives leaves are used as vegetables or effective as a cough suppressant.  Photo: YouMed

Chives leaves are used as vegetables or effective as a cough suppressant.

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