Cough treatment with chives leaves with sugar alum

Chopped chives leaves distilled with alum sugar to eat are effective for coughing due to cold weather.

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Plant chives. Photo: daudua .

Chives are a type of vegetable used very popularly in Vietnam. According to Oriental medicine, the spicy chives are slightly sour, pungent, warm, have the effect of supporting the kidneys, tonic, moderate, on air, hemolysis, detoxification, hemostasis, sputum digestion. 

Pharmacological research shows that chives increase insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar, reduce blood fat, prevent atherosclerosis and protect the pancreas. There is also the presence of odorin which is a powerful antibiotic that helps fight staph and other bacteria.

To treat cough due to cold weather, people use a handful of chives leaves, chopped and distilled with rock sugar to eat. To cure diarrhea and  cold stomach, take a handful of chives leaves, half a handful of white onions, a handful of rice cooked with 2 cups of water. Then add some tangerine peel, pepper, ginger and salt to eat when hungry. 

Note: The pharmacological effect of chives is highest in spring. This vegetable is incompatible with honey and buffalo meat. Those who suffer from fire-spoiled yin and yang, the bad taste with heat should not use chives for long. 

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