Cure burns with apple bark remedies

To treat burns, use apple peel soaked in alcohol from 50 to 60 degrees of alcohol and then extract the solution to apply to the burn 4 times a day, no need to bandage the burn.


Jujube. Photo: Phun .

Dr. Vo Van Chi, author Dictionary herb Vietnam said t shirt c Workers are still g Everyone on l à t shirt me, sour apple. The scientific name l à  Ziziphus mauritiana Lam, collecting ộc h o t shirt I Rhamnaceae.

This is a small tree, branches hanging down when young have feathers, after being smooth, dark gray, with thorns. Leaves are oval or oval, dark green on the upper surface and smooth, the underside has thick, soft, hung color, notched edges, 3 original tendons. The flowers are craggy in leaf axils, pale white petals, with narrow nails. Nuts are spherical with smooth skin, green when young, yellowish when ripe, sweet and slightly sour in the middle. The fruit has a hard, rough node in which a flat seed (apple kernel) is contained.

This plant is native to the ancient tropics (Africa). Plants grow fast, regenerate well, are grown from low to high areas. Flowering in June to December, bearing fruit from October to March next year. Usually the apple produces fruit almost all year round. This plant is commonly found in Vietnam and hot countries in Africa, Arab, India, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

Oriental medicine uses apple stem to make medicine. Harvest in autumn, remove the shell, dry. C Ây c ó v ị  sweet, slightly bitter, average properties, effects inflammation, student body, d Brøndby teammates  e To  treat burns. C ũng c ó th To n Gam with wine t yes 50%  e ến  60%, topical use.

Ph grace t ons th publication only ph ần d u reachable l standard for th was v in tree t shirt  contains mauritin A, mauritin B, D and frangufoline amphiline, ng oài the c ons available Betulinic acid. Decoction apple leaves and stems have a clear effect excitement for big mouse animal uterus cup b à y, can dilate blood vessels in laboratory rats in spending after draining. C ó th To d cancer snail n ày  e To g Ây m ê v à h sir commander ết  apply  to  dogs by intravenous.

Dr. Vo Van Chi introduces some remedies from apple trees as follows:

Cure burns, burns boiling water

Apple tree bark is soaked in alcohol from 50 to 60 degrees of alcohol and then the solution is applied to the lesion, 4 times a day. After the previous layer is dry, apply again. From day two onwards only apply once a day. No need to bandage the burn (according to  Chinese Chinese Dictionary ).

By blood, gonorrhea (hemorrhage)

Get apple tree bark and ground yellow roasted seeds. Pour very thick water, drink 3 times (according to the Collection of Experiences in Oriental Medicine - Nghe Tinh Oriental Medicine Association ).

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