Getting rich from chicken farming model

Mr. Chien with a chicken cage model gives high efficiency.  (Document photo)Mr. Chien with a chicken cage model gives high efficiency. (Document photo)


In which, the chicken raising model of Mr. Tran Xuan Chien's family, in hamlet 11, is one of the typical economic models of the commune that needs to be replicated.

In 2005, Mr. Tran Xuan Chien started to experiment with the model of raising chickens in cages. At that time, his capital was low so he only released 100 children. Due to lack of experience, care techniques, sick chickens died out in series, causing his family to lose both capital and interest.

Standing up from failure, Mr. Chien constantly learns about breeding knowledge. He said that in order to prevent chickens from being infected, he regularly disinfected and disinfected in barns; periodic vaccination against epidemic diseases. Food source always ensures nutrition for chickens to grow and develop well.

In addition to industrial bran, Mr. Chien feeds the chickens with some green vegetables and starch. Every day, he checked and cleaned the barn; Turn the cage upside down every 7 to 10 days, add litter to ensure the required thickness and make the litter dry and loose.

Currently, with more than 4,000 egg-laying hens and commercial chickens, on average, Mr. Chien's family sells from 2,500 to 3,000 eggs per day to the market. On average, his family earns 350 million dong per year.

Mr. Tran Xuan Chien's model of raising chicken in barns is a model that needs to be replicated because according to custom, people in mountainous areas often raise freely, not only cattle, pigs, ... but all kinds of poultry are like that. . Free-range farming, in large quantities, is not only economically ineffective, but also has a potential risk of epidemics due to poultry waste polluting the soil and storing the germs of disease from year to year.

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