Ginger remedy to reduce cough and flu

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, sputum digestion, cold treatment, good for digestion, treatment of bloating, stomach pain, can be taken with honey to increase flavor.

Ginger is the kind of c took off, live long, lean and branching rhizomes spread out like a hand, with many buds, which emit 80-100 cm tall. Leaves are oblong spear-shaped, 20-30 cm long, erect, greenish yellow flowers, purple edges, berries.

Ginger is both a spice and a good remedy for health. Doctor Le Quang Hao, National Institute of Nutrition, said that ginger contains 2-3% essential oils, 5% oil resin, 3.7% grease, starch, spicy ... Ginger water helps fight inflammation, Sputum digestion, flu treatment and is a valuable remedy against cold, help digestion ...

Medical physician Bui Dac Sang said that raw ginger (born khong) in traditional medicine has a spicy taste and warmth. Grilled ginger (sigh) treat cold stomach pain go out. Dried ginger (can khong) has the effect of spreading, treating colds, and cholera. Ginger bark (khoderma) has the effect of pepper edema (diuretic).

A remedy from ginger

Cure heat, cold, cold or fever, use 7 slices of fresh ginger, 7 onions and a bowl of water to drink hot, cover with a blanket to sweat.

Having a cold, coughing up mucus, difficulty breathing, thoroughly boil 7 slices of fresh ginger, a teaspoon of Chinese tea, a freshly squeezed lemon, a teaspoon of brandy and a teaspoon of honey, sharpen into oral medicine.

People with malaria, heat and cold, cough with phlegm, use ginger to thoroughly grill, clean, slice, and swallow water.

People cough for a long time, cough with phlegm, crushed ginger, distilled with honey to suck. Children who cough for a long time can not heal, take 200 g of fresh ginger to cook bath water ...

Ginger is thoroughly baked, cleaned, sliced, swallowed, swallowed water, treated with malaria, cough with phlegm. Fresh ginger water color treatment of abdominal pain, bloating.

Crushed fresh ginger to treat injury, chest pain. Many people have to go early in the morning, sometimes fainting or tired by the wind, can swallow a piece of chewing.

Note, ginger has high heat, people with hot organs, cold sores, constipation, people who sweat a lot or are sweating should not eat much. Eating a lot of ginger for a long time can cause heat in the body, acne, eye tears, live tears.

Should use the correct parts of ginger such as leaves, bark, fresh ginger, with the right dose for each type of disease to achieve the highest preventive effect.

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