Oriental medicine to prevent respiratory infections

Medicines from squash, onions, chives, cruciferous vegetables ... help support the treatment of respiratory infections, sensitize, enhance immunity.

General physician Bui Dac Sang, Academy of Science and Technology, said that there are many foods that help prevent and treat respiratory infections. Over the years, oriental medicine physicians have researched and prepared them into an effective remedy, suitable for use to improve resistance during the Covid-19 epidemic season, and to prevent colds when the weather changes.    

In it, some of the foods that work well are as follows:


Squash is of Indian origin, grown in most tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia and Eastern Oceania. Squash contains 67.9% water, which is protein, vitamins, iron and other minerals. The fruit has a sweet taste, is cold, is non-toxic, has a diuretic effect, has a refreshing drink, is cool in the heart, and targets swelling. 

Remedy for acute respiratory infections: 15 g of squash seeds and alum, crushed, mix with honey, drink with ripe water, 2-3 times a day.

Squash seeds, dandelion, honeysuckle, honeysuckle, seaweed, herbaceous flower (40 g each), with peaches, sands, licorice, reed roots, semi-chi, Moc Huong (20 g each), 320 g total, excellent drink for pneumonia, lung cancer.

Onions, chives

Scallion is said to be the perfect spice for cooking. Folk have a saying: "Hundreds of soup without onions are not delicious". Onions play an important role in good food taste and stimulate digestion. This plant has a sweet and spicy taste, warmth, inducing and antiseptic effects. This is a wonderful spice that cures many diseases.

White onions (with roots, leaves) 30 g, fresh ginger 10 g, perilla 20 g excellent for drinking, cure, ventilate, relieve cough.

Onions support the treatment of coughs caused by respiratory tract infections, and improve the resistance.  Photo: Master Class

Onions support the treatment of coughs caused by respiratory tract infections, and improve the resistance. Photo: Master Class

Onions are popular vegetables used in Europe in daily meals. In our country, onions are also often used to fry with meat, vinegar to eat raw. Plants are used for onions, tubers and medicine Professor Sang said that onions are a nutritious, delicious spice that has a diuretic and beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, fighting infection ... Some remedies are as follows:

Onion 50 g excellent drink for pneumonia, dyspnea, incontinence.

Color onion, depending on your use, take condensed water, make honey, drink a teaspoon in the morning, nourish the sick, cough, respiratory infections.

Like onions, chives also have the effect of inducing, treating coughs and respiratory infections by taking chives leaves for a year and drinking every day.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cabbage, white cabbage, cauliflower, radish, watercress ... not only provide nutrients for the body, help increase the immune system, but also can make many remedies for respiratory infections, colds. appearance.

According to physicians, cabbage has anti-ulcer, vitamin U, but it is easily broken down at high temperatures, so broth must be pressed. Fresh cabbage can be used with the same amount of sugar, pressed for drinking water. Typically 1 kg gives 500-700 ml of juice. If crushed fresh, get the juice with 350-500 ml, drink continuously for 2 months, treat respiratory tract inflammation, cough.

White cabbage has a bitter, sweet taste and seeds (white kelp) to help with gas and phlegm and reduce cough.

Sharp cabbage seed drink with mustard seeds for cough, expectorant, pain relief. The next remedy consists of 12 g star-curry herbs, 12 g of perilla seeds, 12 g of radish seeds, excellent drink for 1 month a day or powder, make tablets, take 4-8 g a day. .

With watercress is also a very good vegetable, contains many vitamins and mineral salts. Effective remedies for inducing, preventing respiratory infections and anti-fatigue are: fresh watercress 200-300 g, sugar just enough, crushed juice, mix or drink.

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