Que Hoa Cake - Recipes of beauty from Chinese screen

Oriental medicine believes that cinnamon helps to reduce menstrual cramps, beautify skin, and treat acne. Use regular flower waffles to help nourish a woman's face.

Fans of Chinese historical movies are no strangers to flower waffles, a beautiful dish served by women for breakfast or dessert. This cake is most popular in the fall when the weather gets cool, when the cinnamon flowers bloom. Not only beautiful from the name, flower waffles are also very eye-catching.

Let's join SVNN to learn the ingredients and how to make this special cake.

Flower waffle (high flower cinnamon) is made from two main ingredients:

Cinnamon flower is also known as Moc chi flower or rustic flower. Cinnamon flower has a warm spicy taste, the faintly light scent of the ripe apricot. Oriental medicine believes that the warmth of cinnamon helps to reduce menstrual cramps, beautify skin, and treat acne. There is also a legend that if using regular flower waffles, in addition to helping nourish the face, it also helps the body radiate a very seductive fragrance.

Goji berries, a herb commonly found in traditional medicines, has a bright effect on the eyes, anti-aging skin and enhances the physiology. Using goji berries in this flower waffle not only brings great benefits, but also makes the cake more beautiful by the red color of goji kernels.

Raw materials include:

- 4 teaspoons of dried cinnamon flower

- 2 teaspoons of goji berries

- 1 liter of water

- 5g jelly powder (about 1/2 pack of jelly sold commercially)

- 80g of rock sugar (if you want to darken the color, you can use brown sugar)

Steps to be followed:

- Soak cinnamon flowers and goji berries in 250 ml of freshly boiled hot water for about 15 minutes, the aroma of cinnamon flowers begins to radiate.

- Filter the part to the side (not discarded), we get a yellow water soak.

- Boil soaked water obtained from the top 750 ml (such that the total amount of water is about 1 liter) with 80 g of alum sugar. Simmer, cook while stirring gently so that the sugar gradually dissolves and the bottom of the pot won't stick.

- Pour the jelly powder slowly into the pot of sugar water, stir well to dissolve the powder without clumping.

- Drop gradually a little cinnamon flowers, goji berries (after soaking) in the first step to the desired amount.

- Keep stirring until the water in the pot gradually thickens, feeling heavy, then turn off the heat.

- Scoop out the existing molds, let it cool for 30 minutes and put them in the refrigerator in the refrigerator within 2 hours to enjoy.

The cake has a golden brown amber color, dotted with beautiful rustic petals and red goji seeds. This cake can be kept for 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator compartment. Eat in and see the mild sweetness, sour taste and supple feeling from jelly.

This is an easy cake to make with ingredients that are easy to buy. There is no need to wait for a cool fall that any season of the year women can do to enjoy and take care of their beauty.

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