The strange world of orchids

Although it is known as a flower with elegant beauty, some flowers also have strange shapes like the face of a monkey or have a stench to attract insects.



The orchid family has more than 20,000 species of flowers (4 times the number of mammals) and more than 800 genera in the world. Of these, about 2,000 genera of Bulbophyllum species are found in tropical rain forests. 




Orchids can live and grow in a variety of climates, from moist rainforests to extreme cold, from above or even underground. However, to be able to thrive, each flower needs different environmental conditions. The best growing conditions for Dendrobium alexandrae orchids (photo) are above moss-covered trees in the misty forest.




Orchids can bloom in a matter of hours, but can also bloom for up to 6 months without fading. However, some plants take several years to flower. 




According to the researchers, orchids have many distinctive and distinctive odors, from difficult to smell, pungent to sweet smells like vanilla. The rotten flesh scent of some flowers can attract flies, while those with a pleasant scent attract bees to pollinate.




Orchids can grow on or around rocks. Many species have a way of survival that is as simple as growing from the ground like grass. Most orchids, however, are epiphytes, anchored but do not parasitize more solid plants and grow mainly overhead.




The unique sepals, petals texture like a small trap is characteristic of the Pahiopedilum spicerianum orchid. Unlike other carnivorous plants, this trap will not digest the insect, but only lure the insect into the trap to receive the pollen.




The inner petals and the outer sepals with special structures create many different unique shapes for orchids. Dracula orchid, or monkey face orchid, also known by another name is orchid "small dragon" (in Greek) because of its sepals shaped like spikes and small long. 




Characteristics of the shape of the petals and calyx are characteristics that help orchids attract small animals to help them pollinate. According to the researchers, the long purple streaks of the orchid Cochleanthes amazonica are characteristic that help them attract insects.

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