Vegetable leaves medicine for sore throat

Drinking water with fish lettuce leaves, chives leaves mixed with honey, lemon basil leaves, river bones ... can ease coughs and sore throats when it is cold.

The seasonal weather is a favorable condition for bacteria and viruses to develop, causing acute pharyngitis, characterized by a sore throat, dry cough, bronchitis ... Professor Bui Dac Sang, Academy of Sciences Learning and Technology, the Vietnamese Traditional Medicine Association, shares remedies from vegetable leaves in the garden to cure these unpleasant symptoms.

Fish lettuce leaves

Fish lettuce is spicy, cool to help clear heat, laxative, relieve, detoxify and heal the sores. The essential oil ingredient in fish lettuce has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect and eliminates bacteria and viruses in the throat.

People with sore throat, wash fish lettuce leaves, let them drain, then puree or crush them and filter for the juice. Then, mix the juice with a little warm water and sip it. Apply twice daily, continuously for 4 to 5 days.

In addition to drinking it directly, fish lettuce leaves can also be combined with other herbs for better effectiveness in treating sore throat. Use about 50 g of fish lettuce leaves and 20 g of licorice leaves, wash them and put in a sharp pot with water to drink daily. Do this regularly for two to three days.

Fish lettuce leaves can be sharpened with rice water to increase immunity, replenish nutrients and treat sore throat. You only need 200 g of fish lettuce leaves to wash, wait for the water to drain, then crush or puree. Next, boil about 300 ml of water to wash the rice, then add lettuce and fish to boil, then turn off the heat. During the boiling process, stir well to mix the substances. Finally, remove the residue, take the juice to drink in the morning and evening every day.

Fish lettuce leaves, a dish of medicine for treating sore throat, sore throat, and refreshing the body.  Photo: Global Food

Fish lettuce leaves, a dish of medicine for treating sore throat, sore throat, and refreshing body. Photo: Global Food

Chives leaves

Chives leaves include protein, vitamins A, C, calcium, phosphorus and fiber, spicy, warm to support kidneys, tonic, detoxifying, phlegm ... In the chives leaves contain odorin components. as an antibiotic against staphylococci and strains of bacteria.

You can take a small handful of fresh chives leaves and wash them with water, crush them to apply to the sore throat. Then roll the bandage to hold the leaf cover for about 30 minutes and then remove and rinse the neck with clean water.

Or, steam the chives leaf mixture crushed with two tablespoons of honey for 15 minutes. Grandchildren take the juice and drink while it is still warm, the pulp of chives used to suck will soothe the pain and relieve the sore throat effectively.

Basil lemon leaves

Lemon basil is an easy-to-grow spice vegetable with a pleasant aroma, a sour taste, and warmth. In traditional medicine, lemon basil has the effect of spreading wind, sputum, antiseptic, used to treat cough, sore throat, flu, asthma, fever ...

To cure sore throats, you use a handful of lemon basil leaves with a handful of soil, bring thick water and filter the drinking water. Taken twice a day reduces symptoms such as sore throat, difficulty swallowing, difficulty speaking, and hoarseness caused by sore throat. Fresh lemon basil cook with steaming water or add ginger and onions to sweat, effectively reduce fatigue.

River leaves

River leaves are spicy, warm and non-toxic, treat colds, cough, asthma, bloating, add waste, destroy phlegm, detoxify ... Medicines from river bones combined with honey can fight inflammation, kill bacteria and heal wounds in the throat area.

You can use three leaves of the river baker to chop with 5 tablespoons of pure honey. Then put both ingredients in a bowl and steam them in the water for about 15 minutes. Strain the water to drink several times a day. Do this method continuously for about 3-5 days, the best healing effect.

Dry river bones can also be excellent drink. Take about 20 g of dried river leaves, cook with water for about 10 minutes, then turn off the heat.

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