Why eat delicious chicken?

For many Vietnamese people, when eating some dishes, it is imperative that they do not use chopsticks to fully enjoy the deliciousness of the food.

My friend is a foreigner. On the weekends, I come to my house to play. My parents make chicken for the guests. When eating, my friend used chopsticks to pick up the meat. But parents said in Vietnam, eating chicken must be delicious. My friend tried but after a piece, you used chopsticks again and said, both ways feel the same, no difference at all.

My friend asked why Vietnamese people think that eating chicken by hand is delicious? I don't know how to answer. Hope you share your experiences.

11 mistakes when preparing chicken to make the dish less delicious

A lot of people often wash the chicken thoroughly before cooking because they think it will get rid of the bacteria, but this is completely wrong.
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Chicken is a favorite dish of many people, easy to make, affordable and good for health. Cooking chicken is quite simple, not too picky, but if not properly prepared your chicken can become chewy, dry and bland. According to some chefs as well as restaurant owners there are a few bugs that can spoil any chicken dish. Here are a few of the most common mistakes you make.

Wash the chicken too well

A lot of people often wash the chicken very well before cooking because they think it will get rid of the bacteria. This is completely wrong because washing raw chicken before cooking can increase the risk of food poisoning as bacteria can spread to hands, countertops and cooking utensils. In general, most chicken processing methods are able to destroy the bacteria on it.

Chicken is not completely dry before it is processed

You should dry the chicken with a paper towel before you cook it. If the chicken is completely blotched before cooking, it will have a more crispy skin layer, besides the dry blotting also helps to reduce the overall moisture content of the chicken, if the chicken is not dry, it will release a lot of water when cooking. can be kept inside the meat. In addition, the more water seeps into the pan, the more like a steamed chicken dish is than a fried chicken and the skin will certainly not be crispy.

Not using enough spices

Usually, when it comes to chicken, people often think that a little salt and pepper is enough. But according to chef Sidoti, the seasoning enhances the flavor of the meat and each has a different effect. With about 2 kg of chicken, Sidoti said, she usually marinated about a teaspoon of salt, in addition she also incorporated other spices such as minced garlic, rosemary leaves and thyme. And it's best to let the chicken season with spices for a few hours before cooking.

Marinating chicken with more acidic ingredients will make the meat hard

Acidic marinades such as vinegar, beer, orange juice, lemon juice ... can harden meat over time, so the chicken should not be marinated for more than 2 hours. If you are afraid that the time will not be enough, you can make small holes in the chicken or cut the chicken into smaller pieces. Chicken should be marinated in sealed plastic bags.

Do not crush meat pieces when they are of uneven thickness

When cooked, the meat is evenly thicker because the spices will be absorbed more evenly, and the cooking temperature inside and outside of the whole meat will be more suitable. Using a large knife will make it easier for you to smash the meat until it's even thick.

Boil instead of blanching the chicken

Some people accidentally boil it instead of blanching the chicken, which makes the chicken chewy and bland. When the chicken is blanched, the meat will be moist, soft and still good, and the blanching is very suitable for chicken salads. According to Sidoti, to blanch the chicken you need to wrap it, then put it in a pot of cold water with bay leaves, thyme or pepper. Then, put the pot on the stove to boil until the water starts to boil, then reduce the temperature until it is about 70 degrees Celsius. And the poached chicken should be used immediately to ensure its taste.

Cooked with a pan full of chicken

All the raw chicken in the pan will save more time, but the meat will not cook evenly. Especially with the chicken breast, if you fill the pan, the meat is not only not cooked evenly, but the color is not good. Besides, with meat parts that are not in contact with the surface of the pan, even raw. Instead, be patient to cook a few pieces or use a larger pan.

Do not use a cooking thermometer

The minimum internal temperature of the chicken must reach 70 degrees Celsius during processing, which is not only a general standard in cuisine, but also a food safety principle. Usually in the home people often rely on the time to cook according to the recipe, but using a thermometer will be safer and more accurate. The thermometer will help keep your meat from being overcooked and dry and from being overcooked, causing food poisoning.

Thaw the chicken by placing it on a counter

You should avoid defrosting chicken on the counter, as room temperature chickens can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The best way to thaw chicken is to keep it overnight in the refrigerator cooler. If you are in need right away, you should seal the chicken in a plastic bag then completely soak it in cold water. In this way, in addition to letting the water under room temperature, it is also to ensure that the outside and inside of the chicken are evenly dissolved.

Don't let the meat 'rest' after cooking is finished

Meats, including chicken, need to be "rested" for a while after cooking, which helps to reduce spills during cuts. Let the meat out and let it harden slightly so that the gravy is distributed throughout the meat. Cutting meat too early can shorten the process of continued cooking.

While cooking, continuously move the chicken in the pan

To give your chicken a good color, try to avoid poking or moving the chicken inside the frying pan when cooking. This ensures the Maillard reaction takes place, the Maillard reaction is that when at high temperatures, the amino acids in the protein react with the sugar, giving the meat a beautiful brown color and developing a more distinctive flavor.

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