Why should not boil cauliflower with boiling water?

When boiled in boiling water, all the good, most precious nutrients of the cauliflower are lost.

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Cauliflower is a nutritious food, has anti-cancer effects at the top of the table. However, not everyone knows how to cook cauliflower properly and not all processing can bring the desired effect.

Most housewives have a habit of boiling cauliflower in boiling water just like boiling vegetables. But this action is proved by scientists to be completely wrong. Accordingly, when boiled in boiling water, all the best and most precious nutrients in the cauliflower will be dissolved in the water. In other words, if boiled with boiling water, the cauliflower won't work as miraculous as we thought it would. Specifically, according to NPR Food, if cooked for more than a few minutes, broccoli's antioxidants will not work against substances that are likely to cause cancer.

Not only that, cauliflower is a food that frequently uses chemicals like pesticides. This toxic substance seeps into every tiny inch of cauliflower, so it is difficult to wash it off. When boiled in boiling water, the chemical is dissolved in the water. It would be a bad idea if you intend to drink cauliflower broth like vegetable juice.

Instead, the best way to produce broccoli that meets expectations is to stay away from boiled water. If you must, you should steam it, as the vegetarian chefs do. Steam cauliflower in a pressure cooker or steamer for 5 to 10 minutes. This approach will limit the release of nutrients in broccoli, ensuring nutrients are maintained.

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